My story

Hay hay my names Kendra!

So heres my life its quite complex so try and keep up hehe

I grew up in the sunny state of QLD in Australia travelling from town to town while my parents ran countless hotels, not the normalest of upbringing but i sure did have fun! As i got older I developed a love for all things musical. My passion for this hobby grew and grew till I found myself dropping out of high school and going to an all theatre school. The experience at times was horrible and not to mention painful, but after two years i found myself graduating and applying for yet another programme, in England! After numerous nail biting auditions I found myself being excepted into a programme and with that I was on a flight to England.

Me in Italy with my amazing ring!
 The programme itself was a far cry from the last one I did. Unlike my prior studies here my talents were noticed and praised and for once in a long time my voice was seen as a major weapon. Moving up to last year I found myself with lots of surprises, one being my amazing man proposing to me while on a cruise around Italy and Greece. Though for the record I will say it was in our room while we were watching cartoon network but I wouldn't of had it any other way.

Following my amazing holiday I was faced yet again with another audition. The audition in question was for my university course, if your audition was successful you got into a West Sussex tour of RENT! I did infact get into the tour company and completed the most popular show the universitys ever had.

I am now starting the jump into the big wide world filled with CVs to agents, auditions for drama schools and coutless audition for shows! Gonna be one crazy years.

Me and my love of all things retro!
Ms Curvaceous finals (modelling comp)
H.M.S Pinafore the musical, first ever lead!
Valentines day in Paris!
My Fair Lady
First week we meet
Auditioning in England for uni's
Back in the day clubbing with my girlfriends <3
Sweet 16