Monday, 25 February 2013

The Wedding Planner

Loved my week off, got heaps of works for my Masters done but by the end of the week my voice had given up. It sucked not being able to sing or practise for a few days but I think my voice needed it. After my break I'm back into RENT rehearsals, it's going so quickly that theres only two weeks till we go on tour! I'm not freaking out I'm too busy to worry so instead I'm practising and rehearsing till everythings the way I want.

Wedding news update!

So I think I might have a wedding planner! Originally my mum was going to plan my entire wedding but after looking at the amount of work involved ie language, paper work, planing a wedding in a place we've never been and general knowledge of good vendors it made sense to invest in some help. I'm so excited to have someone to vent all my ideas too and to annoy with way too many emails! As well as this exciting news my parents also surprised me and Dan with the offer of having the entire wedding at the Villa Balbianello and of course we said yes! I thought we might have the ceremony there so I was beyond excited at the prospect of having the entire wedding there!

One last point before I leave you lovely readers to the land of 0 calorie chocolate ( Yes that's my idea of dream land!) I wanna show you what I bought myself today. Little Lush pick me up of course!Technically its for my audition, I'm hoping it will give me amazing golden locks the judges simply wont be able to refuse. I have just washed it out so I wont know the results until the morning so will keep you informed!

Night night yall! xxxx

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Healthy Desserts

So with a new year comes a new way of life. I've decided to start eating healthier, which is probably obvious after my 3 day detox (Will be writing a post on that soon!). And after around 3 months of this new lifestyle I've picked up a few helpful tips I thought I would share.

My top tips to healthy eating:

*Start eating breakfast! This was my problem I would always skip it and just eat when I was hungry NOT.GOOD!. I'm eating porridge every morning along with any extra fruit I have laying around, it's great as it's slow burning and keeps you full longer.

*Drink green tea, and in the morning squeeze lemon into it. It's rich with antioxidants and along with the lemon it gets your body burning quicker and faster.

*Don't cut out the goodies. I know what your thinking but trust me if you cut out all of your favourite things from the get go I give it a week till your cranky and craving something bad. Trust me no one wants to be around that person, I know from experience!

* Water, water and MORE WATER. I know its boring and you've herd it all before but it's good for you, so deal with it and drink up!

*Substituting. This is fun and easy to do, look at you favourite recipes and simply work out what are the key high calorie ingredients. Then find something to replace it that's lower in fat easyyyyy! Like for instance instead of classic cottage pie with the mountains of mash on top I like to replace it with cauliflower mash! Way wayyyy lower in fat and its prepared the same as any other mash. Even changing your butter or oil to something less fatty and you'll be amazed with how many calories your cutting.

Now onto the yummy little things I've made today!

Cake in a mug!!

This thing is so fricken cool. It's easy to make, simply and you can add whatever you want.


Now I'll link the recipe below but I substitute a few things, for example I used almond milk instead of normal milk, it's great and low in fat! Also unsweetened cocoa.

Choc Banana Tart-

*Pre made pastry shells
*Low fat choc pudding

All you have to do is assemble it in the order shown! And another good tip is their individual servings, saving you from over indulging!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Musical Theatre MA auditions

Welcome to uni reading week the blessed time where students are meant to study but instead bugger off home.

Me at RENT, very long day dont judge!

But not me, nop I'm here as always due to the fact that to bugger off home would involve a hefty amount of money. No problem though with a very busy March approaching theres no time to relax! So whats making my month so busy you ask well I'll tell you. It's my MA auditions, I'm highly excited yet at the same time extremely nervous about my upcoming auditions. But as this new chapter is finally about to begin I couldn't be more ready!

The schools I'm going for are GSA and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. When coming to England the first time I auditioned at GSA for their BA and though I did getting through to the second last round, sadly I went no further. But with nearly 3 years of new experience under my belt I am extremely excited to show off my new skills!

This whole week has been dedicated to the work I'm showing in the coming weeks. In the audition write up it asked for two contrasting songs and two contrasting monologues but after a few tips I decided to present three songs and two monologues.


*Roxanne- Sting (Rock)
*Maybe I like it this way- Wild Party (Musical/slow tempo)
*Everybody says don't- Anyone can Whistle (Musical/up tempo)


Crazy-One act play (Dramatic piece)
Lisa's monologue- Boy's Life (funny/light piece)

So this is what I've decided to present, I've been working very hard this week so hopefully my hard work pays off! My aims for this week has been character study and with five character it's been a very big task. My main characters however have been my monologue pieces, as I find straight acting the most challenging. But I've been beyond happy with the work I've produced lately so all I can say is BRING IT ON!

Friday, 8 February 2013

3 day detox challenge

Ever since I got back from auz I've lost a bit of weight and through this unintentional act I've decided to go healthy and with this in mind welcome to the first day of my 3 day doctor oz detox! I came across it a few days ago and thought hell yea! The idea came  from a fellow blogger, the name of her blog is The Skinny Confidential and it is fricken awesome. A few post ago she and few others decided to go on this juice detox. It looked like fun but at 165 a pop for the 3 day detox I decided to take things into my own hands. The detox I'm doing consist of 3 smoothies ( which I think will be better then juices cause there more filling) and a morning green tea. Did I mention it all came just under 20 pounds! ( or 16 dollars :) )

Day 1 morning:

So I woke up this morning for ballet and made my green tea with a slice of lemon yum yum! I love green tea it's great drinking it in the morning as its a great antioxidant, it also kick starts your metabolism for the rest of the day. Next came my smoothie and I am drinking it as I speak. I'll post the recipes bellow but the morning one basically consist of raspberries and spinach, yes you herd me spinach. Don't freak out you don't taste it you merely get all the yummy good for you benefits!
So will keep you updated with how the detox goes I am now off to ballet talk soon x

Bye bye

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Trip home to aussie land!

Hey yall!

So I've been a very very busy be, I'm currently auditioning at drama schools for my Masters. Stressful as it is I'm also rehearsing for my tour as well as uni assessments ARGHHH and yes this is my excuse for not writing to you guys lately. But enough of that onto the topic at hand.

This Christmas I was lucky enough to hop on a plane with my man all the way back home to Australia! After a very long 23 hour flight and no sleep on my part we arrived to a sunny Brisbane. Christmas day was full of way too much food, as well as wayyyyy too many gifts.

 During my trip I was also lucky enough to try on wedding dresses for the first time! It was a very exciting yet at the same time stressful day. So to all you brides to be out there chill and enjoy the day, don't force yourself  to find a dress, but at the same time if you find the one its ok to buy it on the first day. I had this very thing happen to me, after trying on countless dresses that did'nt fit me along with one store lady saying for one dress my size equalled to a 16 I was at the point of breakdown. But then one store brought out a size 12 sip up gown and I swear to god it was like it was made for me! It was amazing and gorgeous. But after wearing it for 10 minutes slowly a little voice creeped into the back of my head too sooooon, keep looking, what about London? So yes in the end I did not walk away with the dress but I did work out what looks best on my body type, which for the record is NOT A SIZE 16! grrrrrr.

My hens night was also preordained on my trip and it was awesome and out of this world! The theme for the night was feathers and along with jello shots, feather boa's , night clubs and yummy colourful cocktails it was everything I could of hoped for.