Sunday, 23 September 2012

21 Things to do before you turn 21

So yes it is true I am turning 21 this Tuesday. Now I thought 20 was a big step but for some reason this little extra year feels like leaps and bounds more major then last year. So this got me thinking is there a bucket list out there for turning 21? Yes yes there is lets have a peak and see how my lifes shaped up so far...

Here are the nation’s current top ’21 things’, after about 500 people had voted:
  • Stay up all night and watch the sun rise… I have done this multiple times my favourite being 2000 new years eve party stayed up all night with my best friend and all our family.
  • Take a summer roadtrip with my besties… Sadly haven't done this yet.
  • Take amazing photos… I love photography so I have done this alot in my life.
This is in Melbourne I love this photo
  • Bungy jump…Deathly afraid of heights so no to this one.
  • A ‘spa’ day with friends…I love pampering myself so yes yes I have done this!
  • Have the date that I’ll remember forever…On our first valentines day together my partner took me to Paris, this was an out of this world date that I will remember forever.
  • Get your driver’s licence…. Nop haven't got this yet lol
  • Be photographed with someone famous…ahhhhhhh no.
  • Go to a music festival… I went and saw 30 Seconds to Mars in concert does that count?
  • Front row seats at the concert of my dreams… No but if I could it would be Mumford and Sons love them!
  • Get my first car…Well clearly if I don't have a licence I don't have a car silly quiz.
  • Get into that pair of jeans I never thought I’d fit…I can but there by no means comfy..
  • Visit another continent… hehe I can proudly say yes! I have been very lucky to visit multiple places around the world. Some of my favourites including Greece, Paris and Bali.
  • Have a makeover (or help a friend with one)…This is like every girls daily life! lol
  • Go on an overseas holiday without your parents (and paid for by you)... Ah no lol
  • Change my hair colour…Dyed it pink once soooo not a good idea!
  • Go camping with friends…Camping use to be a big part of my life and its something I cant wait to share when I have kids.
  • Swim with dolphins… Been close enough for it to count hello I am from Australia!
  • Dance til dawn… Feet were dead but without a doubt was worth it.
  • Win something amazing…Not that I can remember :(
  • Fall asleep under the stars…Yes I have :)
Well looking at this list I think I've done pretty dam good! Bring on my 21st birthday!

Hello stranger

Hi yall

Its me remember the random chick writing about her daily foodie intake, ah see you do remember me thought you might.

So I'm back sadly not due to high demand merely due to the fact after countless blog drooling I missed my own little blog. There are multiple reasons that have kept me away but it all comes down to the fact I've been busy. Uni, life, love and cupcakes tend to take over every now and again so I apologise. Update you say? Well sure! I am officially turning 21 next week which is sure to be a hoot! Due to uni my celebrations have been paned over the course of the week, Friday holds alot of excitement and secrets. I am going to the 9th best restaurant in the world! No idea what it is, where it is or who runs it but the mere fact its the 9th best has me drooling ( this is the only clue my man has given me lol). The day after my h2b is then taking me to the national wedding show in London! It's time to start feeling like the bride to be I am, also a good opportunity to get the wedding planning juices flowing.

On another note cupcakes! ah the sweet joy that is baking. Last week I thought I was staring at what could be the worst stall day ever. Replacement buses were in place meaning that I would have to spend money on a taxi and a mini disagreement with my h2b left me wanting to hide under the covers and let Sunday pass me by. But thankfully common sense kicked in and I was determined to wake up that morning and sell sell sell! And I can happily say it was worth the stress cause I SOLD OUT! Yep you herd right with half an hour still to go I sold everything! It was a crazy day I actually had people waiting in line, and on top of that people were taking business cards. Without a doubt this was our best day to date.