Sunday, 11 November 2012

Audition for RENT! and makeup and Lush!

So as you all know this week I have my Tour audition for RENT! Its been a very stressful month leading up to this point full of many set backs but lots of good moments as well. Its come to the final count down and for such an important audition I'm feeling quite calm. To add to the calm environment I've decided to go on a little shopping trip tomorrow, now this is purely for audition essentials of cause....

In order I don't spend money on unnecessary items I've basically already worked out what I'm gonna get, the main categories including makeup and skin care all very important items for my audition!...


I am obsessed with Lush so when ever my skin is looking a little sad or I have some cheeky money set aside I make it my go to shop! Last trip was my birthday and I was lucky enough to get three things. The first being Sea Salt this stuff was great I would without a doubt buy it again, it smelt refreshing and instead of leaving my skin red and irritated like I find with most scrub products my skin was silky smooth to the touch even before I put moisturiser on! Next was a face mask called BB Seaweed even before I read the write up I knew this would be the one for me as I know how good seaweed is for your face and I'm happy to say my skincare knowledge did not disappoint! It was cooling and smelt great! I was a very happy girl when this stuff was on my face and if your like me and have combination skin buy it! I promise you wont be disappointed! Last but not least was Dreamwash, now annoyingly this being the most expensive I don't have any big raves for it, it smelt great and felt nice going on but that's where it stopped my skin didn't feel any different after I dried myself so all in all little disappointed.. 

This time seems I want to look amazing for the audition! lol I've decided to go with a face mask, a cleanser to combat my slightly reddish skin and something else I'm thinking another face scrub but who knows what I'll come across on the day! Other then Lush products I need to update some of my makeup supplies pronto. Eyeliner is a must as my current one is clumping and it's not a pretty sight.. I also wanna get a deep red lipstick as I see Maureen wearing something like this and I though it might help me channel my inner rock chick. Now next I think I either need highlighting and contorting powder or natural palette eye shadow, in a perfect world I would buy both but until I see how much everything cost that perfect world is but a far fetched notion..

Will update you on what I got wish me luck!

                                                 Me in my lovely BB seaweed face mask!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A night with Heston Blumenthal

If there's anyone out there updating themselves on my amazing blog you'll know I'm a big nerd when it comes to changing my template and I apologise for this. Feels like every week I'm changing the look of my page but here's the big question why? No idea really could it be I think that in the process of changing my "look" I will gain more followers or is it simply that I'm bored and dive into the world of blogging to distract and amuse myself, deep huh?  With this thought process pushing me through another post I find myself thinking do I, do we apply this in our daily life? I'm 21 yet at times I sadly find myself desperate to adapt and mold myself in order to fit in, to gain followers so to speak. And like with my blog if I'm not adapting I am completely separating myself from the whole situation or completely ignoring my blog.

 How weird is that?  But then again if your sick delirious and the clock is ticking to midnight the human mind can make a comparison between anything even peanut butter and french fries....

 Anywho lets get on to something far more exciting my birthday! So what pray tell was my big surprise?? I was non other then Heston blumenthals famous mandarin restaurant in London!

Omg yes you heard right! I was practically jumping for joy when I found out where I was going. It was situated in a very old and beautiful hotel and dare I say it was nearly as grand as the Savoy ( which is where I went last year for my birthday).

We started the night off with cocktails at the adjoining bar then seated our selves in the amazing restaurant. This place was gorgeous and as the the 9th best restaurant in the world I can proudly say the food did not disappoint! My starter was the famous mandarin chicken pate, it looked like a mandarin and when I cut into it I found the softest and creamiest pate I had ever had. This was without a doubt my favourite course.
My main was called powdered duck at first I was like huh? But do don't worry its not what you think, apparently the waiter said this term is taken from an olden days term meaning to cook the meat a certain way, slow and low as I like to put it. when it came to our table it was rick, tender and melted in my mouth and was out of this world. For desert I ordered the brown bread ice cream, it just sounded so interesting!  Amazingly it did taste like brown bread and even though I don't particularly like brown bread how could I turn down such an interesting dish!

 All in all it was an amazing experience, I'm very lucky to have parents and a fiance who would go to such lengths to insure I had an amazing birthday.

So that's my birthday experience short and sweet! I have other photo to load up very soon so keep a watch out!

Good night zzzzzzzzz

Sunday, 23 September 2012

21 Things to do before you turn 21

So yes it is true I am turning 21 this Tuesday. Now I thought 20 was a big step but for some reason this little extra year feels like leaps and bounds more major then last year. So this got me thinking is there a bucket list out there for turning 21? Yes yes there is lets have a peak and see how my lifes shaped up so far...

Here are the nation’s current top ’21 things’, after about 500 people had voted:
  • Stay up all night and watch the sun rise… I have done this multiple times my favourite being 2000 new years eve party stayed up all night with my best friend and all our family.
  • Take a summer roadtrip with my besties… Sadly haven't done this yet.
  • Take amazing photos… I love photography so I have done this alot in my life.
This is in Melbourne I love this photo
  • Bungy jump…Deathly afraid of heights so no to this one.
  • A ‘spa’ day with friends…I love pampering myself so yes yes I have done this!
  • Have the date that I’ll remember forever…On our first valentines day together my partner took me to Paris, this was an out of this world date that I will remember forever.
  • Get your driver’s licence…. Nop haven't got this yet lol
  • Be photographed with someone famous…ahhhhhhh no.
  • Go to a music festival… I went and saw 30 Seconds to Mars in concert does that count?
  • Front row seats at the concert of my dreams… No but if I could it would be Mumford and Sons love them!
  • Get my first car…Well clearly if I don't have a licence I don't have a car silly quiz.
  • Get into that pair of jeans I never thought I’d fit…I can but there by no means comfy..
  • Visit another continent… hehe I can proudly say yes! I have been very lucky to visit multiple places around the world. Some of my favourites including Greece, Paris and Bali.
  • Have a makeover (or help a friend with one)…This is like every girls daily life! lol
  • Go on an overseas holiday without your parents (and paid for by you)... Ah no lol
  • Change my hair colour…Dyed it pink once soooo not a good idea!
  • Go camping with friends…Camping use to be a big part of my life and its something I cant wait to share when I have kids.
  • Swim with dolphins… Been close enough for it to count hello I am from Australia!
  • Dance til dawn… Feet were dead but without a doubt was worth it.
  • Win something amazing…Not that I can remember :(
  • Fall asleep under the stars…Yes I have :)
Well looking at this list I think I've done pretty dam good! Bring on my 21st birthday!

Hello stranger

Hi yall

Its me remember the random chick writing about her daily foodie intake, ah see you do remember me thought you might.

So I'm back sadly not due to high demand merely due to the fact after countless blog drooling I missed my own little blog. There are multiple reasons that have kept me away but it all comes down to the fact I've been busy. Uni, life, love and cupcakes tend to take over every now and again so I apologise. Update you say? Well sure! I am officially turning 21 next week which is sure to be a hoot! Due to uni my celebrations have been paned over the course of the week, Friday holds alot of excitement and secrets. I am going to the 9th best restaurant in the world! No idea what it is, where it is or who runs it but the mere fact its the 9th best has me drooling ( this is the only clue my man has given me lol). The day after my h2b is then taking me to the national wedding show in London! It's time to start feeling like the bride to be I am, also a good opportunity to get the wedding planning juices flowing.

On another note cupcakes! ah the sweet joy that is baking. Last week I thought I was staring at what could be the worst stall day ever. Replacement buses were in place meaning that I would have to spend money on a taxi and a mini disagreement with my h2b left me wanting to hide under the covers and let Sunday pass me by. But thankfully common sense kicked in and I was determined to wake up that morning and sell sell sell! And I can happily say it was worth the stress cause I SOLD OUT! Yep you herd right with half an hour still to go I sold everything! It was a crazy day I actually had people waiting in line, and on top of that people were taking business cards. Without a doubt this was our best day to date.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Update: Voice Audition

woooooo isn't it pretty!!!

Been home for a week and have been crazy busy! My healthy endeavour has been harder then expected, I've signed up to the gym had have already gone 3 times in a week but eating healthy has been the hardest thing! I am trying though and though I indulge in the odd goody I try to make every meal as low in fat as possible, so everything evens itself out hehe. For example I bought a blender last week and being able to make all the yummy smoothies I crave make it easier.

I also tried my hand at low fat goodies which were cookies! Now can't revel to much cause there my food challenge of the week but lets just say theres no flour eggs or sugar in them! Intrigued? thought you might be hehe.

Cupcake stall has been one big headache this week! I finally found a new market and after organising my space and paper work I showed up to people who had no idea I was coming! I nearly got turned away  but luckily after a good few words I got in! But he said this was a one time only so though I sold alot on the day I was very close to giving up but someone above herd more crys because after a lengthy email I was told I could come back! SUCCESS! So I'm very happy now and am determined to solider on cause I love baking cause It's something I look forward to each week.

Last but not least me and my h2b had a visitor yesterday! My mans brother! We had a great day today shopping up a storm, well window shopping storm! hehe And with a lovely big pay cheque coming in the day before my birthday (25th of September)I have a very large list of must haves which I can't wait to actually go in and buy! Well must dash I'm off to have a fun night including a bottle of Schnapps and a movie drinking game! This should be interesting..
Jeez that's one scary face......

P.s I'm auditioning for The Voice on the 14th of September! Not my usual type of singing style, but with my friends and family bugging me about auditioning for ages I though I would give it a go WISH ME LUCK!

Mexican chili soup

Mexican Chili Soup

When I first meet my h2b his taste buds had but graced only the simplest of foods but then I opened him up to the world of Mexican food! I love Mexican food and if I could fly there today I would pack my bags in a heart beat. I introduced him first to burritos and he loved them! So much so he now calls Sunday "Mexican Sunday!" hehe. This new recipe is also another fav, in fact I just made it tonight! Ow and did I mention it's low fat!
My nightly cooking routine starts with this little beaut, a yummy glass of red wine mmmmmmmmm. But enough of that heres the recipe!
2 tomatoes
2 peppers
3 cloves of garlic
3 table spoons of tomato paste
1 teaspoon of chili powder
2 tablespoons of flour
1 onion
2 cups of chicken stock
Can of red kidney beans
Can of sweet corn
Place tomatoes 1 pepper and garlic in the oven (350d)  and cook till lightly blacked.

In a pot cook other pepper and onions till onions are slightly golden, now add your tomato paste and cook till fragrant. Add some flour to thicken.

Add chicken stock and bring to the boil. Blend blackened veg till soup like and add to stock base.

While soup is thickening cook chicken till yummy and brown, then take off heat and shred.

When soup has thickened add beans and corn and cook for 5 more minutes.

Your nearly there! Simply serve and sprinkle your chicken on the top and your done! For an extra treat me and my h2b love to add cheese and sour cream for the maximum experience!

Thats one happy boy!


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Withdraw kicking in

So I am coming into my second week of "vacation" and I'm starting to feel the effects. Don't get me wrong I love a break now and again but it always comes down to me missing my little kitchen. And low and be hold I've come to that point yet again! I'm so sad I've even started planing what I'm gonna cook next week, homemade pasta being at the top of my list.

 I've also made my first EVER cinnamon rolls. It was the biggest spur of the moment ever literally had to speed up the process due to the fact we were seeing a movie two hours later which was a little silly of me to forget! Will definitely be posting the recipe soon because it was my first try and it turned out great so if I can do it anyone can!

Ok given its not the prettiest bell at the ball but it was so yummy and I made it from scratch so I'm definitely one happy cook!

Bed is now shouting out my name so until next time keep reading because new and exciting things are just around the corner!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cupcake Blues

I am currently residing at my partners parents house as it's the holidays and I need a break from being the domestic goddess that I am. As well as my much needed break I am also indeed of  cupcake time off as my current market organisers have left me up the stream without a paddle. I am beyond annoyed at the situation that I find myself in as the day started off so good!

At one point one lady bought every single brownie I had! And one lovely lady even asked for my contact details. My profit was 3 times what I had made the prior week, but somewhere in the back of my head I knew it was to good to be true and low and be hold it was! So long story short on  the way back to the station we received a phone call saying somehow it the midst of a beautiful summers day a random gust of wind blew a tent over damaging a car  resulting in us needing to pay for it. Thank goodness for my partner who took no nonsense and refused to pay for something that had nothing to do with us. Sadly though it goes without saying that due to this refusal our place at the market is now no more...

Sad face.... lol
I am so sad with how everything turned out but where one door closes a window opens, or something like that. So I'm full steam ahead with finding a new home for my lovely little cupcakes and fingers crossed I will once again be gracing the public with yummy backed goods. So if anyone out there in that vast world called the web actually follows me, you have any ideas or suggestion for markets? I'm in dire need of HELP!  So with that sad little lonely blogger plea over I am off to read my freshly purchased Wedding mag.

Goodnight night web, Goodnight world xxx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Healthy Blogs!

July 24th 2012

I have been determined to eat healthy this week! Now don't get me wrong I don't wanna lose weight or even go on a diet I simply wanna have a guilt free week that makes me feel good about myself! So for a girl who has a serious sweet tooth its been quite hard to say the least lol. But armed with a load of healthy blogs I've been making my way through the week with growing confidence. Now the fun part what I've cooked!

My Lunch today was a fresh salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, croutons, goats cheese with truffle oil and balsamic vinegar!

Dinner was a yummy dish which I use to cook back home San Chou Bea! The base consist of pork mince and oyster and soy sauce then lots and lots of yummy veg! And then you use the lettuce as little cups to hold the mince soooooo good and it is h2b approved! hehe

Now blogs has been the biggest help this week so I thought I'd post some of my favourites here!


Love this blog really really helpful with great recipes!


Once again really good recipes and there's a great range of different country cuisine's which is a must for me!


Lucky number 3! Now this blog was great for naughty sweets and any blog that can make bad things healthy is OK by me!


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Street food take 2!

If you read my last post you'll know that last week I went up to London for a foodie filled day and boy did we have fun! Due to this I'm sad to say I went a tad instagram crazy lol. So instead of writing about my day I get to be lazy and post photos instead, I guess instagrams not so bad after all!

On our way to funky food town! Poor h2b looks very scared...

On our way to the Borough markets! God I hate the subway...

Chilling out in Starbucks cause it is fricken hot outside!
My man looks worn out
My favourite drink at the moment is mocha cookie crumble! Can you say YUM!
Also got some to die for strawberry and balsamic truffles from the Borough markets.
And last but not least Selfridges food hall! Now what did i buy??
MILO!!!! Spent way way to much on this but it was a little bit of
Aussie land I couldn't resist. For those of you who have no idea 
what this is, its a chocolate powder for cold milk great for those hot days
Having my mexi lunch at Luardos food truck in Whitecross market.
First time there and dam was it good!
On our way back to the train station been a lonnnng day...
On the train heading home watching the sun set <3
Bye bye sun, hello bed hehe

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Street Food

With funds tight these last few weeks the furthest I've travelled is to my market  where I sell my cupcakes 10 minutes away! But finally someone above has herd my pleas and just a few days ago my mum back in Australia won 10 thousand dollars! And this time tomorrow I'll have a lovely little injection of hard cold cash wooooooooo. So what to do, what do to? Ahhhhhh London duhhh! lol Yep Thursday me and my h2b will be hopping on a train and heading up to Central London. Now it goes without saying we have our go to activities, mine being the Borough markets! Arghhh this place is amazing, I stumbled upon it last Christmas with my parents, rows and rows of baked goods invading your senses like all my Christmas's come at once. And since then I've been making my way there every chance I've had.

Apart from mindlessly dragging my poor partner around this markets we also like to indulge in a little retail therapy. So along with our favourite outings this week I've decided to do some food exploring!  As you can tell from my heading I'm obsessed with street food so with the recent explosion of true on the go food in the streets of London I've decided to hit the pavement and experience it for myself. Will post later on what I find!


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Would you like a side of rain with that cucpake?

Hello Blogging world been a while since I last posted and the reason behind that is I have no Internet in my house!

This last week has been horrible every time I've had an urge to blog or to goggle recipes I was left with the fact  that i was cut off from everything. So now here I am tucked away in one of the many computers at my Uni library unable to take to isolation anymore! With that lovely intro over lets get on with the good stuff UPDATE TIME! 

 As you all know I ventured into my first ever market on Saturday to sell my cupcakes and brownies, very exciting you may think well that's what I thought but the day didn't quite start off how I imaged. I awoke to a sky that had seen better days, though it was not raining the prospect felt very high.Seeing this did not put me in the best of moods, though in actual fact maybe cooking till 12 at night was the real culprit. However in my sleepy haze I was determined the blackened sky was out to get me. Following this revaluation I dragged my butt out of bed to the mirror where with my eyes half opened ( or half closed) I somehow managed to make myself look presentable and most importantly awake! This was then followed by the ever popular scavenge in the kitchen to find something filling, yet small enough not to chock on as I stuffed it down my mouth in one. After my rummage I did my ever popular check list followed but the daunting task of getting my fiance up, ready and out the door, 20 minutes later mission accomplished!

You know when a storms coming and you can fill it in the air? It like hangs over you comforting you like a big cosy donna, but on a day when all I had was a flimsy tent to cover me so not the right time! Luckily the weather somehow always managed to stay two steps behind me so as I walked to the market from the train station ( yes I do not own a car) the heavns thankfully never opened onto me, my fiance and my little cupcakes. When we arrived we were shown our space and the setting up began, This whole week hadn't quite felt real until this moment. As a kid I dreamt up silly money making scemms always to fall at the finally huddle but now here I was setting up cakes I had made myself from scratch ready to sell to the unsuspecting buyers and traders of this car boot sale one word came to mind, Weird. The time came to sell and the field was full to the brim with people yet somehow their eyes always managed to cross over my table but never pull them over the barrier to buy. At this point with the combination of rain in the air, wind, nowhere near enough food in my stomach and now people not buying the cupcakes I slaved over I was officially pissed! Its not like my cupcakes were ugly they where beautiful! Ok so a few deep breaths......little more....... ok filling a bit better and here come the rain ow COME ON! But wait the rain is bringing people under my tent for shelter! A lady looks over my table her eyes searching and they land on my yummy brownies and she buys not one but two! After my first ever purchase people start slowly coming in, little girls bouncing up and down for my pink vanilla cupcakes, grown men groaning in delight over my favourite S'mores brownies. This is how I pictured my first day and at the end even though I only broke even and the rain did eventually catch up to me, the comments and appreciation for my work made the day all worth it. Bring on next week!!! minus the rain...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Simple vs WOW

So as a baker I love to try new things, I love to experiment and try flavour combos out of the norm. My problem is that when it comes to my cupcake stall there are so many things I wanna make but is simple better? Sadly I'm not lucky enough to live in America or London ( yet lol) where the new and strange is celebrated not frowned upon, even getting my h2b to try new things is a day to day struggle so this is my dilemma..

I think I've decided to come to a middle ground where the sales woman and the cook it me are both satisfied. So with this new found resolution I've finished my list of baked good for my cupcake stall;
Vanilla cupcake with a rich vanilla buttercream frosting
Rich chocolate cupcake with chocolate butercream frosting
Apple crumble cupcake with vanilla buttercream and crumble topping
Strawberry and Balsamic chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganche
Rich gooey fudge brownie
Creamy S'more brownie with toasted mini marshmallow topping
So this is what i came up with as you can see the balsamic cupcake and s'mores brownie are my little quirky add but come every cook knows cooked balsamic is like a rich sweet syrup and who doesn't love toasted brownies!! I end my case.
So to all those  readers out there who share my love of the weird and wonderful I'm at the Ford Airfield Markets in Sussex England every Saturday  come and have a taste!



Sunday, 24 June 2012

My little cupcake stall....

So I had my meeting with the organisers of the markets today. I woke to a stormy sky and an alarm clock that in reality was screaming at me way to early but hay like they say no pain no gain! My first priority was impression, hello vintage cupcake! Showing up in sweats doesn't really scream authenticity now does it! So despite what my h2b said i knew that looking the part was key, well that's what i thought at least. 40mins later I was ready to hit the pavement along with my man as my trusted adviser.

So this market well its split into three days two being the carboot sale and the normal market which is what we were looking at. Now despite the shitty weather the combination of stalls we're less then inspiring, I'm sorry but in my mind pillow cases, cleaning products and dips don't scream target market! But despite this i was determined to get something out of the trip, yet at 30 pounds per day my optimism was wearing thin. But suddenly a light bulb went off and the question that came from it was "Can i have my stall at the carboot sale?". Now I know it sounds weird but I have seen this carboot sale and the amount of people going to it was triple the market and when I found out I could have my stall there and it was only 10 pounds plus a tent I signed the dotted line without hesitation!

So my fate is sealed for next Saturday and I'm so excited and yet at the same time very nervous. To me cooking is like giving a little piece of myself to someone and saying "here's my soul what do you think?? ". Multiple times I've found myself crying for the mere reason my partner said it was good instead of "OMG out of this world!".

Silly but hay they say love makes all cooking taste good and god knows I got a lot of that!

Friday, 22 June 2012

S'mores Brownies

So my lazy day has turned into a lazy week..

Here I am sitting on my couch, Teen Mom as my background music and an endless aray of things to do on my little pink computer screen so here I am talking to you guys :) 

To add to my list of goodies for my market stall I've put together a new recipe straight from the little kid inside me drum roll please.... S'mores Brownies!! Now the recipe I found was good but wasn't gooey enough so there's room for improvement, but apart from that I cant stop eating them! mmmmmmmmm <3            

 S'mores Brownies

1 cup graham cracker crumbs (made from 10 rectangular crackers)
12 tablespoons (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter
1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon sugar
1 cup bittersweet chocolate chips
2 large eggs, at room temperature
1 teaspoon instant espresso powder
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
3/4 teaspoons baking powder
3 cups mini marshmallows                                                                                                                                                                 

Adjust oven rack to middle position and preheat oven to 350°F. Cut two 16-inch pieces of foil and line an 8-inch square baking pan, allowing excess to hang over sides. Spray with nonstick cooking spray.

Break graham crackers into small pieces and pulse in food processor until they become fine crumbs. Melt 4 tablespoons butter. Add melted butter, 1 tablespoon sugar, and 1/4 teaspoon salt to crumbs and pulse to combine. Press into bottom of prepared pan.

Melt chocolate and remaining 8 tablespoons butter in medium bowl in microwave, 1 to 2 minutes, stopping every 20 seconds to stir with rubber spatula. Transfer mixture to a large bowl and cool, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes.

With a wooden spoon, mix in the remaining 1/2 cup sugar, eggs, espresso powder, vanilla, and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Add the flour and baking powder and mix until smooth.

Pour batter into prepared pan. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the centre of the brownies comes out with moist crumbs attached. Do not over-bake. Transfer to cooling rack and top with marshmallows.

Adjust oven rack to upper third position and heat broiler. Broil until marshmallows are golden brown, 1 to 3 minutes. Cool in pan 1 hour. Using foil sling, transfer directly to wire rack and let cool completely, at least 1 hour. Cut into 2-inch squares and serve.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dont read a cupcake by its ugliness

My cupcake stall idea has exploded since I last wrote. I've been in contact with numerous vendors in the hopes of getting a stall and so far so good. I've had a positive response and they are all eager and willing so you would think that would be it right? WRONG! Apparently even though I only want to sell a small amount at a low key venue I have to have loads and loads of paper work and insurance! But I wasn't giving up just yet so I got a nice little quote for my public liability plus I have a kitchen inspection next week to get all my paper work in place.

This last week has been full of tears, vast amounts of icing sugar and one to many calls from unwanted insurance lines, but despite this I feel like the up hill climb is nearly at an end. Nearly...

Now the hardest part of this week has been finding the perfect cupcake recipe, if you said a week ago that this would be the hardest part I would think you were having a laugh but it is! Most of my tears have been due to this very fact!

My first recipe sounded to die for, it was a moist chocolate cupcake with balsamic strawberries inside mmmmmmmmm. Now my only down fall with this was I didn't have a cupcake tin so instead I just doubled the cupcake cups and hoped for the best. Ow dear god was I wrong...

Despite their sad looking structure these were sooooo yummy! The strawberries kept them moist for days after I had baked them! I then dipped the heads in a chocolate ganache which finished them off perfectly. So with a new cupcake tin in my possession these beauties will be ready to go!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

So to add to my list of " Things to do" I have added yet another one! A mini business, now I know this sounds crazy but like I said I'm on my summer break plus I love to bake! Yes you herd me right I'm putting together a little baking stall. I've been looking at markets and car boot sales for the last few days in the hopes I'll find a place to sell my beloved goodies, so the search begins....

My concept is "Vintage cupcakes"

Basically everything is decked out in vintage glam including myself! 

I'm playing around with unique combos and here's what I have so far:

*Choc Strawberry and balsamic cupcakes.
*Peanut butter and choc cupcakes.
*Choc truffles
*Lemon and butter cream
*Victorian cupcake

Friday, 8 June 2012

Not quite a bride

Its hard living so far away from my family and friends. Back home I picture an endless array of celebrations, girlfriends stealing me away to drink gross amounts of large cocktails twirling me on the dance floor till our feet gave up, finishing the night with a slice of pizza. Or a family BBQ filled with relatives getting drunk, mum crying about the fact her "baby girl" is growing up and a sea of food, plus the great Aussie sunshine of course. But here I am seas away from all of that. Its not a sad thing so you mustn't feel pity or sadness its merely not a story you hear many brides experiencing. But I guess my story will be different, maybe my mum will be crying while her little girl tries on wedding dresses on Skype? Who knows really, its a story yet to happen...

With a whole summer break stretched out in front of me I'm not quite sure what to do, gym membership will be the first thing on my list. Now this isn't because i want to lose weight, even though like most woman out there the mirror has never been my closest friend. But the real reason behind signing up is because having such a fast passed lifestyle I tend to get restless. So as well as the membership I'm thinking of taking up Zumba classes though in my head all i picture is a bunch of elderly woman whose stamina's probably better then mine at the moment so for that reason i shall also sign up for toning and conditioning classes. Might as well go all the way saggy breast and all.

Rant over...

My beautiful ring and beautiful man are what get me through the hard times, he is my life, love and family all in one <3

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The great quest

Food is one of my greatest loves ( minus my h2b of course lol), when  ever I was stressed cooking was my one stop solution. Shopping for our weekly food always left me itching to invent new things and above all when I travel to new and exciting places my way of submerging within a culture is to indulge in exotic goodies. This is who I am and it goes without saying that I want this included in my Italian wedding!

So with two years to go planning is underway and my list of things to do is endless! Now I know what your all thinking two years is more then enough time to plan a wedding but in a perfect world you only do it once so why not making it the most amazing day of your life!

When it comes to my wedding I want the details to shine centre stage and due to this I have an ever evolving list of things I want to do. One thing that pooped into my head while I was laying in my bed this morning was food! This whole time I've been trying to find the perfect property and praying that if I was lucky their food would be top quality too, this however always came up short. But then I thought why not look for the best food in town and see what comes with it... DING!

Let the food quest begin..

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lake of love...

As a little girl we all dream of that fairy tale wedding, the rugged and handsome prince charming, beautiful fragrant red roses and hundreds of emotional family and friends. Me myself had this exact dream along with the massive white ballgown, all though however have become nonexistent...

At the age of 18, two years to this day I packed up my life and memories in a suitcase and jetted off to England with big dreams of stardom spurring me on. A week after settling into my box size dorm room I met my real life prince charming Dan and from then on we've never looked back. We are now happily engaged and are excited to get the planning underway!

So the meaning behind my blog's name you ask? Its quite simple really along with the crazy love I have for my amazing man I also have a love for all things sweet and at the same time as planning my wedding I'm also setting up a mini cupcake business to keep me busy. So with this major headache inducing combo its sure to be an interesting ride!

Enjoy it with me.

  P.S this is where my wedding taking place, Lake Como!